Crystal was my counsellor when I was in rehab recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.  I am a doctor and I used to be a specialist in addiction medicine.  I never thought that addiction could come to rule my own life; but when it did, I nearly lost everything.  Crystal not only helped me become clean and sober, but put in place a detailed and robust relapse prevention plan to keep me on track. 6 months down that track I remain clean and sober.  I'm happier than I ever was when I was drinking and drugging and my future is back in my own hands.  Whatever my future holds I believe Crystal has given me the tools to master it. I would recommend her to you without hesitation.


- Anonymous


Crystal has been my counsellor for two years. When we first met I was in the grip of a twenty year addiction to alcohol. I had lost my marriage, my job and had become estranged from my children.  Crystal’s approach blends skill, understanding and compassion with a healthy dose of pragmatism. With Crystal’s expert help I was able to rebuild myself and find true happiness. Thanks to Crystal and the foundations that she helped me build the results have been incredible, I have restored strong and loving relationships with my children, I have returned to the very top of my profession, run half marathons and have more friends than ever before. I literally have a new lease of life. I am still in regular contact with Crystal and I can honestly say that I apply what I learned from her daily, she changed my life and for that I am grateful. 


- Simon 

I am a middle aged woman and I feel privileged to have had Crystal as my counsellor.  Her wisdom and knowledge and heartfelt concern – she listened and interpreted my problems. She helped make me see the light and to make me feel that “I am worth it”.


- Anna


When I first met Crystal I was suffering from acute anxiety and depression which I was self-medicating with alcohol.
At the time I had suicidal thoughts and was at "rock bottom. Crystal guided me through the recovery process and I am now able to lead a normal life. Crystal is a compassionate person who enjoys helping others, I couldn’t recommend her more highly.


- Spencer


Crystal is a kind and practical counsellor. Crystal was instrumental in my journey and has helped me tremendously. I now lead a far better life today thanks to Crystal.


- Gav