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Alcohol, Drugs, Sex, Pornography & Gambling.

Struggling with getting to where you want to go?   Do you want to change your life?

Therapeutic Life Counselling was created to help people realise their potential and support them through their personal journey & growth. We specialise in Addictions and Sex Therapy, as well as other areas such as Anxiety, Depression & Couples Counselling.

We give you the tools to not only enhance your life but to truly live it. We will work with you in a holistic way and provide a safe channel to explore the difficulties that you may be facing.

The First Session: A meet and greet where we talk about the issues that have brought you to counselling and where we establish rapport. We also talk about what your expectations are and what outcomes you would like to achieve. The first session is usually around 1 ½ hours, however you will only be charged for a 1 hour session. 

For a list of our counselling services - click here!